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We’re now set up to receive donations and financial subscriptions through both Patreon and Paypal. For one-time donations, Paypal is probably your best bet. But for continuing support, please use Patreon, as they allow you to choose any amount, debit your account only when new videos are produced, and allow you to set monthly limits. They also take less of a percentage — especially from smaller donations (only 10% as opposed to fees of up to 33% with Paypal).

In addition to funding Mr. Deity, your contribution will also help us produce episodes of The Way of the Mister, and eventually fund the making of “The God Delusion: I don’t care if God exists and neither should you,” which is a series on Atheism I’ve been wanting to produce for years. We would also like to be able to produce the random satirical (or simply comical) video from time to time. That might just be a funny idea I have, or a response to a current event(s). And I’d also like to make more episodes of “Words” — hopefully, you’ve enjoyed that series as well.

A lot goes into producing episodes of Mr. Deity and The Way of The Mister. It takes 2-3 solid work weeks writing, producing, shooting, editing, sound mixing, color-correcting, etc to finish one episode. If you like the content and would like to see it produced regularly, please consider donating or subscribing either here or at My desire has always been to keep this content free for everyone — particularly young people who can’t afford to pay for it, but write to me frequently to say what an excellent resource the show has been in helping them both defend their unbelief and change minds. To me, there is no better port of entry to new ideas than humor. Especially when challenging cherished beliefs.

If you agree, please consider a donation or financial subscription. With your help, we can make the world a punnier place for everyone (see what I did there — that was so meta)! And to everyone who’s already supported the show in any way, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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